1. EVAC+CHAIR Canada makes no other warranty or representation expressed or implied except for the terms herein.

  2. EVAC+CHAIR™ offers the original purchaser a lifetime product warranty, ensuring it is free from manufacturing defects affecting the reasonable operation of an EVAC+CHAIR™.

  3. This warranty constitutes EVAC+CHAIR™’s entire warranty offered in respect to its evacuation chair models purchased in 2015 or later and covers no other products sold.

  4. Warranty claims exclude expendable parts which are covered for a period of two (2) years.  Expendable parts are those parts which are routinely replaced during inspection, repair or maintenance, as detailed in the EVAC+CHAIR™ maintenance guidelines. 

    An expendable parts list can be found at: https://evac-chair.ca/expendable-parts/

  5. EVAC+CHAIR™ reserves the right for the original purchaser to return parts or products at their cost in order for a warranty claim evaluation.  Any claims processed that are found not to be a manufacturing defect, EVAC+CHAIR™ is entitled to charge the customer in full for the repair/maintenance of the product.

  6. Damage caused by vandalism or any unauthorized repair/alteration by user or any unauthorized service provider are expressly excluded and will void this warranty.

  7. There is no warranty of merchantability and there are no warranties of fitness for any particular purpose.

  8. In no event shall EVAC+CHAIR™ be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from or in any manner related to sales or use of any such equipment.

  9. This warranty is expressly limited to supplying replacement parts at the sole discretion of EVAC+CHAIR™ which are found to be defective.

  10. No employee or representative of EVAC+CHAIR™ is authorized to change this warranty in any way.

  11. All warranty claims must be made by the original purchaser in writing to EVAC+CHAIR™ Canada within 7 days following discovery of a basis for warranty claim.

V1.3 08/04/2020