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Can an Evac+Chair® evacuation chair go upstairs?

Evac+Chair® offers various evacuation chairs that are suitable for ascending stairs. We offer both manually operated and powered evacuation chairs. The Evac+Chairs® suitable for ascending are:

Evac+Power 800

The Evac+Power 800 offers one of the most complete evacuation experiences possible. As a motorized evacuation chair the Evac+Power 800 offers a smooth controlled movement for both ascending and descending stairs.

A point of consideration is who will be using the evacuation chair when ascending. The Evac+Chair® is ergonomically designed to minimize physical impact on the operator, it is worth thinking what you are asking your team and individuals to undertake in the event of an evacuation.


This evacuation chair offers manual lift handles at both the front and rear of the Evac+Chair®. This enables operators to lift while maintaining positive posture.

700H Ibex Tran-Seat

The Ibex Transeat is designed for patients that may not be able to go up and down the stairs, the EVAC+CHAIR®, IBEX Tran-Seat transport stair chair safely ascends and descends stairs without the need for carrying or heavy lifting. The IBEX 700H medical transport chair model requires two-person operation and reduces the physical demands on the operators during the safe evacuation while reducing the risk of muscle strain and hernia and back injury. Ideal for spiral and tight stairways,