Frequently asked questions

Can the person seated in the Evac+Chair® fall out?

Quite simply no. Our evacuation chairs work using gravity and friction. Being the pioneers of the evacuation chair, Evac+Chair® has always put passenger safety first.

The weight of the passenger in the Evac+Chair® helps keep the evacuation chair on the stair nosing. It is important when using any of the Evac+Chair® range to keep hold of the evacuation chair at all times and not to let go. The Evac+Chair® is designed to minimize weight bearing for the operator, so please ensure you follow the instructions or training methods for using your Evac+Chair®.

From a passenger’s perspective using any of Evac+Chair® products, it is important the passenger does not reach or extend, such as grabbing onto the bannister while the evacuation chair is in motion. The operator should always advocate for them to keep their arms folded while in the evacuation chair. Constant communication will help keep the passenger calm, by allowing them to understand what your are doing, and more importantly why you are doing it.