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Evac+Chair® Power Portable Stair Lift vs Standard Stair Lifts: What’s the difference?

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If you are looking for a device to take care of a loved one at home or someone needs assistance due to rehab most likely you have heard of stair lifts, stair chairs, chair lifts, wheelchair lifts, power stair chair climber and mobile stair lifts. So, what are the differences and are you adequately assessing everyone’s needs?

Stair lifts and stair chairs

A person with a mobility impairment sits on a seat that uses a rail(s) to transport them down the stairs. These work especially well for people who use mobility aids such as walking frames but are limited as they are fixed to one place in the home and can take up more space then necessary. These are permanent and, in some cases, will require building permission or if you are renting you must have approval by the owner which is rarely given. Price wise they are very expensive and will vary on how many flights of stairs, how many landings and if they are spiral with an average cost of $10,000.00 and you still need to move them out of the residence once they get downstairs.

Chair lifts 

These mobility aids/devices are different to stairlifts, they are a platform that is designed to carry a wheelchair up/down a level while the person remains seated in their wheelchair, they are usually found in commercial buildings vs stair lifts which are more common in residential homes.

Evac+Chair® power portable stair lifts or power stair chair climbers

The Evac+Chair® The Worlds #1 Emergency Evacuation Chair Mobile stair lifts are a great solution for those looking for an economical option that provides great maneuverability both inside and outside to go up and downstairs based upon the model chosen.

These are not permanent and therefore can be used in different levels of the home and even travel with them when visiting a friend, family member, Doctor’s appointment or even attending a special event.

Whether you’re dealing with a temporary disability or need a more permanent solution, the Evac+Chair® a mobile stairlift may be the most effective and perfect solution for you. 

Get the best of both worlds

This mobility aid, the mobile stair lift can help you transport your loved one up and down multiple flights of stairs without any of the drawbacks of traditional, permanent stair lifts or chair lifts. No heavy lifting, no carrying, the tracks and technology they have do all the work for you! Extremely compact, easy to store and quick to deploy for its immediate use. Evac+Chair® is consistently the most efficient and economical solution for whatever your need may be. Click here to see it live in action:   

Who is Evac+Chair®?

Evac+Chair® is the original (over 40 years of experience) Evacuation Chair & Mobile Stair Lift manufacturer of the World. The Evac+Chair® was inducted (placed) in the World Trade Center Museum, on display for saving the lives of several wheelchair users during 9/11. Evac+Chair® of North America is now part of American history for saving lives during the World Trade Center attack in New York City.

The emergency evacuation Stair Chairs and Mobile Stair Lifts of Evac+Chair® are of unique construction which makes it easy for anyone with any type of impaired mobility (permanent and/or temporary) to be navigated up and/or down a staircase in time of need. Evac+Chair® of North America is the company that originated the stairway evacuation chair over 40 years ago. More than six occupants were rescued to safety during the World Trade Center Towers attack on September 11, using the evacuation chairs of Evac+Chair® of North America.

When you are in the market for a Mobile Stair lift or need more information on what the best solution for you is, please contact us either at our US or Canada office. If you’re looking for a motorized stair climbing chair that you can count on, look no further than Evac+Chair®. This battery-powered, electric evacuation chair can be used in emergency evacuations, power outages, and daily patient transport to move a passenger up safely and easily or down multiple flights of stairs without the need for carrying or lifting. We stand behind the quality of our products and are 100% dedicated to your satisfaction.

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