Frequently asked questions

How many Evac+Chair evacuation chairs do I need?

A range of factors are involved in deciding how many evacuation chairs are required for you. Points to consider are:

  • Population of building or site.
  • How many fire protected stairwells are at your facility.
  • How many floors you need to cover.
  • Is lower ground/basement evacuation a possibility?
  • Is your facility available to the public?
  • Are all floors accessible?
  • How many responsible persons are available?
  • Where is your meeting point in the event of a fire?
  • How many person(s) have a mobility impairment you have already identified.
  • How many people will need assistance in the event of an evacuation.

As you start to build a picture of your situation and the potentials involved you will start to highlight the specific needs and coverage required to ensure a safe evacuation is possible. Coverage can be measured as such:


Able to offer some form of evacuation in the event of an emergency. User maybe required to travel some distance horizontally or vertically to gain access to evacuation chair or similar equipment. 


Evac+Chair available within the current stairwell requiring travel and carrying to bring to the passenger waiting to be evacuated.


Evac+Chair immediately available situated in a safe area or point of refuge enabling safe transfer and suitable time for evacuation.

We always urge our customers to review their coverage as their environment changes. Positioning and availability of evacuation chairs is essential to maintaining an effective evacuation strategy.