You are currently viewing MGM Resorts, promoting safe emergency evacuation for all.

MGM Resorts, promoting safe emergency evacuation for all.

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EVAC+CHAIR® North America, LLC, maker of the original, lightest and world’s best-selling evacuation chair, has announced the supply of their Evacuation Stair Chairs to the MGM Resorts.

In a continuing effort to increase their patron’s safety MGM resorts and affiliates are adding the EVAC+CHAIR’s to their onsite safety equipment. This will allow all individuals regardless of mobility status the ability to evacuate at the onset of an emergency.

The acquisition of EVAC+CHAIRS increases the safe and simple evacuation in any emergency, supporting persons unable to evacuate independently in descending a staircase to reach an ultimate area of safety.

Regional Territory Manager of EVAC+CHAIR® Matthew Radzinski added ‘We are proud of our relationship with MGM Resorts. In the event of a person or persons needing to be evacuated safely and quickly, we are certain that our products will make the time pressured task easier and provide further confidence to staff and visitors.’

EVAC+CHAIR® the world’s #1 manufacturer and supplier of Emergency Evacuation Chairs to several high-profile organizations such as Apple, Disney, and the NBA along with a wide range of other venues in both the private and public sectors.

EVAC+CHAIR® is known for its exceptional custom workmanship, reliability, and durability. Manufactured to ISO certifications, FDA registered, EVAC+CHAIR® meets the current RESNA ED-1 standards for evacuation chairs.  The satisfaction, quality and customer service are what makes EVAC+CHAIR® “better than” our competitor’s.  We build our EVAC+CHAIRS to last, backing them with our exclusive industry only “Lifetime Warranty”.  You will not find a better built, reliable evacuation chair on the market than EVAC+CHAIR®

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