About Evac+Chair® evacuation chairs

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This video gives you information on why evacuation chairs are required, in what situations an evacuation chair should be used, what models of evacuation chairs are needed for differing circumstances, plus our other evacuation products. 

Evac+Chair® 300H evacuation chair demo

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The 300H demo video shows the 300H evacuation chair in operation, it gives an overview of using the chair including deployment, and stairway descent. The same principle also applies to our 500H and 600H evacuation chair models.

Evac+Chair® Power  800/900 Chair demo

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This demo shows how the 800 & 900 battery-powered, electric stair chairs can be used for emergency evacuations and daily patient transport, to safely and easily move a passenger up or down multiple flights of stairs without the need for carrying or lifting.

Evac+Chair® Power 800/900 instructional video

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This video gives a complete instructional guide to the Evac+Chair Power 800 & 900, including how to deploy the chair, the chair’s features, how to attach the battery unit and engage the power, plus actually taking the passenger both up and down a staircase.

Evac+Chair® evacuation chair training video

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This Evac+Chair training video shows a typical emergency situation and how the chair is utilized in that particular instance, detailing how to use from opening the chair, taking the passenger down the stairs and finally getting the passenger to a safe refuge.

Evac+Chair® 700H Ibex Transeat video

This selection of short animated video’s shows how the EVAC+CHAIR 700H is used to take passengers up and down the stairs, the EVAC+CHAIR®, IBEX Tran-Seat transport stair chair safely ascends and descends stairs without the need for carrying or heavy lifting.